King Kong Slot Machine Review

There are so many King Kong slots out there, it can be difficult to track them all down. But Playtech’s King Kong slot, aka Kong: The 8th Wonder of The World, stands out in both graphics and gameplay.

As you play, you will follow the monster in the jungle and into the big city. You’ll witness it climbing skyscrapers, knocking down buildings and wreaking havoc in its wake.

Luckily, you’re in no real danger from the beast. On the contrary, the more successful it is, the more you will win as a player. King Kong slot has loads of features and bonuses, so seeing the ape is always a good sign.

King Kong Slot Overview

Playtech’s King Kong slot was inspired by the 2005 movie with the same title. As a result, it includes a lot of scenes, characters and other elements from that movie.

You probably don’t remember it even if you’ve seen it. But that doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t recognize the characters taken directly from that film, you’ll appreciate the slot. Its detailed graphics and realistic scenes deserve a 5-star rating.

Here’s some basic information about the slot before we delve into the gameplay itself:

  • Slot by Playtech
  • Released in 2014
  • Has 5×3 reel layout
  • 20 win lines
  • 5% RTP (Return to Player)
  • Medium variance
  • Maximum win: 3,000x your bet
  • Min/max bet: 20p – £20
  • Bonus features include: wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, free spins, pick-me bonus and more

King Kong Slot Gameplay & Paytable

King Kong slot game starts with a cinematic intro featuring episodes from the King Kong movie. After watching or skipping the sequence, you’ll find yourself in the jungle.

There will be 5 reels with three lines in front of you. King Kong itself is nowhere to be seen, save as a slot symbol. To get to him and the real deal, you’ll have to play a bit and activate some bonuses.

Before that, though, King Kong slot can be both lucrative and punishing. The wins aren’t too frequent, but they aren’t extremely rare either.

King Kong Slot Symbols

The game includes nine basic symbols and two special symbols. One of them includes the King Kong itself, of course. The others depict movie characters and card symbols from 10 to Ace.

You’ll need to align at least three symbols of a kind to win. That is unless they’re the two most lucrative symbols of the movie’s main characters.

Unsurprisingly, bonus games are the best way to win big on the slot. However, those high-paying symbols are great too. Collecting a 5 of a kind win can net you up to 50x your bet per payline.

Two Games in One Slot

This Playtech slot has another feature that we don’t get to see often. The game has two distinct stages and you’ll switch between them as you play. They are:

  1. The Jungle
  2. The Big City

As we already mentioned, you start the game in the jungle every time. However, activating a certain feature will lead to the big city instead. That’s when the game changes quite a bit.

Although the RTP and other game mechanisms remain the same, the big city looks different. It includes a whole new set of reels and a different background. The symbols change their looks as well, though their values stay the same.

Aside from the graphical alteration, the bonus features change as well. So, it’s like playing two games in one slot. Each presents its own events and ways to win big money.

King Kong Slot RTP

The RTP of this slot is 95.5%. A 4.5% house edge is precisely what can be expected from a medium variance slot. It may not be the highest payout rate in the long term, but a 3,000x maximum win evens it out.

So, as you’re playing this slot, don’t be surprised if you can’t activate any features. They don’t always come that often. In our experience, a few dozen spins are usually the least it takes to get the best features.

King Kong Slot Bonus Games & Features

Each of the two stages has two different bonus games or features. One of them is a free spins round and the other is a bonus game. All of them are completely different, though, so this adds up to four unique bonuses.

Each bonus has its own symbol as well. The King Kong wilds activate their respective free spin bonuses if you get at least three. They don’t have to be on a single payline. In other words, they’re both wilds and scatter symbols.

The special bonus game symbols, depicting the game title, are also scatter symbols. You need at least three of them in a single spin to activate that bonus. They don’t count as wilds like the King Kong symbols though.

Free Spin Rounds

Both free spin features have a potential to pay out quite a lot. In fact, they’re the best way for you to win at this slot. As mentioned, there’s a unique free spins feature for each game stage.

Wild Jungle Re-spins

The jungle free spins include three re-spins after you collect three King Kong symbols. Aside from giving three spins for free, they have a special sticky wild feature.

In other words, all the King Kong wild symbols become sticky during this bonus. Unfortunately, the three wilds that activate this feature in the first place don’t become sticky.

Wild Kong Re-Spins

The Wild Kong Re-Spins bonus is similar to the free spins you get in the jungle. Three wilds will yield you three re-spins. Instead of sticky wilds, however, you get stacked wild overlays. Their number is fixed on each spin and they cover different reels each time:

  • 1st and 5th reel on the 1st spin
  • 2nd and 4th reel on the 2nd spin
  • 1st, 3rd and 5th reel on the 3rd spin

As you can imagine, that last spin is the ultimate money-maker on King Kong slot. Land a few high paying symbols on the other reels and your balance will increase by hundreds.

Bonus Games

The other bonus games are even more exciting in terms of gameplay. However, you might be a little disappointed in terms of their payouts. Compared to the free spins, they’re average at best.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t win a good sum of cash on these bonuses. Besides, activating each one will change the stage you’re playing at. So, they make the game much more interesting and dynamic.

Skull Island Bonus

Skull island bonus is activated whenever you collect three scatters in the jungle. It will bring you to the pick-me bonus where you’ll see a view of the jungle from above.

There are 13 dots scattered throughout the jungle, each hiding a certain monster behind it. There are four kinds of monsters behind those dots, including:

  • King Kong (worth 30x your bet)
  • Vastatosaurus (worth 20x your bet)
  • Venatosaurus (worth 15x your bet)
  • Brontosaurus (worth 10x your bet)

There are three of each dinosaur and a single King Kong token hidden beneath. You can keep picking them until you collect three of the same dinosaur or the single King Kong. Depending on the outcome, you get the prize listed above.

If the payouts seem low, you aren’t the only one to think so. This bonus is by far the least lucrative on King Kong slot. However, it will trigger the big city mode where better bonuses await.

City Tower Bonus

Collecting three scatters in the big city will trigger the city tower bonus. The King Kong will climb a skyscraper and provoke an air attack. You’ll take control of the beast and react to the planes attacking the ape.

If you do this in time, you’ll see a cinematic of King Kong getting the better of them. Plus, you’ll win some cash. This is very easy to pull off and you’ll get three rounds in total.

User Interface & Mobile Access

The game can be played on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices of various kinds. In most versions of the game, you’ll find additional gameplay options below the reels. They include:

  • Paytable
  • Number of lines
  • Bet size per line
  • ‘Bet Max’ button
  • Auto-spin option
  • Current bet and win info

We believe that the fans of the King Kong movie will love this slot. If you aren’t a fan though, you can still appreciate all the cinematic elements of the slot. They complement the gameplay really well, especially when big wins are on the way.

Should You Play King Kong Slot?

You will enjoy the King Kong slot on one condition. You should be willing to sit through all the spins and low-paying bonuses to get to the free spins. That’s where all the real potential lies.

Reaching the big city for those free spins are worth the effort though. With 60% of the reels covered in wilds, winning 1,000x your bet becomes so much easier.

You don’t need to be a fan of King Kong to have fun on the slot. While that would definitely help you enjoy it, you can win a Kong-sized pile of money regardless.